Police Pension Board

The Village's Police Pension Board is comprised of one Village Resident, the Village's Finance Director and three current or former members of the Police Department.

The Police Pension Board manages the investments of the fund, reviews pension applications and makes recommendations concerning funding levels.

The boards meet quarterly. In addition to the quarterly meetings, pension board members must complete the State of Illinois mandated training of 32 hours in the first year and 16 hours every year thereafter.

Police Pension Board Members

Member Term
Joan Rock, Village Treasurer 5/1/17- 4/30/19
Heath Bray 5/1/17- 4/30/19
James Greenwood, President 5/1/17 - 4/30/19
Michael Swierczynski, Secretary 5/1/18 - 4/30/20
Bruce Higgins, Annuitant & Trustee 5/1/18 - 4/30/20

Upcoming meetings

  1. Oct 25 Thu

    Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the River Forest Police Pension Fund

    04::00PM, Community Room - Village Hall - 400 Park Avenue - River Forest, IL

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