Traffic and Safety Commission

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The function of the Traffic and Safety Commission is to review transit, parking and potentially hazardous traffic matters of the Village that have been referred to them.

The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Village Board of Trustees and is comprised of seven members, who are residents of the Village, and are appointed by the Village President with consent from the Board of Trustees.

The Commission meets on the third Wednesday of alternate months at 7:30 pm in the Community Room of Village Hall. Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of alternating months.

Traffic and Safety Commission Members

Member Term Expires
R. Douglas Rees, Chairman 4/30/22
Jack Cleary 4/30/21
John Osga 4/30/21
Frederick (Rick) Gillis 4/30/21
Arun Jayaraman 4/30/22
Johann Buis 4/30/22
Steven Wade 4/30/21

Requests to the Commission

Requests must be submitted in writing (email or online submittal is acceptable) to Jeff Loster. The request will be analyzed by Village staff, studied by the Village's Traffic Engineering Consultant (if necessary) and forwarded to the Commission.

See detailed instructions on the procedure to petition, and the petition signature form, to the Traffic and Safety Commission.

Residents and businesses in the area will be notified of the request and given the opportunity to attend the meeting. Recommendations by the Commission are forwarded to the Village Board for final approval.