The Village's Development Approval Process

At times various development or redevelopment projects in the Village may require special zoning permission in the form of a Planned Development.  The purpose of this guide is to provide residents and applicants with more information regarding the Planned Development permit application process. 

Planned Development Permit

In River Forest a planned development is a development of 20,000 square feet or more of land area or gross floor area, a new multi-family housing development or the reconstruction of existing multi-family housing that is damaged beyond 50% of its value.  The Zoning Ordinance also allows a development of any property or tract of land in any zoning district, regardless of size, to be submitted as a planned development as there are certain projects that require greater consideration of their impact on surrounding properties and the Village in general.  Further, no new construction, expansion of any building or the addition of any parcel(s) or change of use is allowed in a Public/Recreational/Institutional (PRI) district, unless a planned development permit is granted.

Planned developments, which provide greater flexibility in design, must follow the approval process outlined in Section 10-19 of the Village's Zoning Ordinance and summarized in the Planned Development Permit Application Process Flowchart.  To discuss a new planned development or to amend an existing planned development, please contact the Village Administrator's office at (708) 366-8500.  

Residents can participate in the planned development process by attending the resident meeting, public hearing and Village Board Meeting where the application is discussed.  Notices of these meetings are sent to all property owners within 500 feet of the proposed development site.  Links to each pending planned development application are provided below and include meeting dates and links to agendas.  If you are unable to attend a meeting but have questions, comments or concerns, please contact Lisa Scheiner, Assistant Village Administrator at or by telephone at (708) 714-3554.  For more information please view the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Planned Development Process.

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