Parking passes

Parking passes, such as those for guests or contractors, will be issued to any resident requesting them as follows:

  1. Parking passes will be issued at Village Hall. Residents may request a parking pass by contacting Donna Ludvik or calling 708-366-8500. The request should be made far enough in advance to guarantee that you receive the pass(es) by the requested day.

  2. Parking passes will be valid only for the date(s) on the pass. There is no limit (within reason) to the number of passes which can be issued for the same day. For example, if a resident is having an afternoon gathering, a request for up to 15 passes would be granted.

  3. Normally, passes will be issued for only one day at a time. However, passes may be issued for up to two weeks for special circumstances (resident has a guest staying for an extended period of time). Passes issued to contractors may be issued for up to six weeks. If additional time is needed new passes may be issued.

  4. Parking passes must be displayed on the dashboard on the driver’s side.

  5. Parking passes are not valid for the following: No Parking Anytime, Loading Zones, Bus Stops, Parking During Snow Removal, Handicapped Parking, Village Parking Lots, Permit Parking Zones, Daily Parking Zones, and Business Parking Permit Zones.


Contact Police Department

  • 911 (emergency),
    708-366-7125 (non-emergency)
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