A Special Announcement from the Village of River Forest

May, 14, 2018

Visit ProtectMyTown.us now

The Village of River Forest is encouraging its residents to voice its support to help safeguard local tax dollars by visiting the website ProtectMyTown.us.  As legislators in the State of Illinois prepare their annual budget, the State is looking at taking money that goes to local municipalities to address other state issues.  Such action would have a dramatic negative effect on the Village’s budget.  

LOCAL SERVICES AT RISK - Municipalities rely on the $1.2 billion Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) to provide essential services such as police and fire protection, sewer & flooding protection, road repairs and snow removal.

PREVENT CUTS AND TAX HIKES - The state is seeking to divert some of the money owed to local communities to pay its deficit. Municipalities are committed to fighting against higher property taxes and painful cuts to front-line services.

HOLD SPRINGFIELD ACCOUNTABLE - Municipalities have been fiscally responsible throughout difficult economic times – cutting services, reducing government and dramatically decreasing spending to balance their budgets every year. It’s time Springfield does the same.

“This is an important initiative to urge our state leaders to not take our local revenue away from our local residents,” said Village President Catherine Adduci.  “This revenue helps maintain a safe community, strengthen property values, helps stabilize property taxes and provides a high quality of life that we expect.”

If you want to stop Springfield from taking our local funds, please visit ProtectMyTown.us and complete the online registration.  An email will automatically be sent to your representatives. 

The Village needs your help and urges you to protect River Forest!