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Chicago Avenue Resurfacing

This project involves the resurfacing of Chicago Avenue between Thatcher Avenue and Harlem Avenue. This project is similar in nature to what was completed on Division Street during the 2016 calendar year. The project is partially federally funded and, as such, there is a lengthy permit review process. It is anticipated that the permit process will take the remainder of 2017 with construction anticipated during the summer of 2018.

As previously mentioned, the scope of work for Chicago Avenue is similar to what was completed on Division Street. The surface of the asphalt will be removed, any necessary base patching will take place and the new asphalt surface will be installed. Sections of curb will be replaced as needed throughout the corridor and improvements will be made to all sidewalk ramps that do not currently meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. In addition to this work, traffic calming measures are also being reviewed at three locations to mitigate traffic-related safety issues that have been raised in recent years. These locations currently include Keystone Avenue, Jackson Avenue, and Bonnie Brae. The traffic calming measures currently being reviewed involve curb "bump-outs". This is similar to what was installed along Lake Street and Madison Street (east of the RR tracks). 

Project Updates

  • 8/3/17 This project has been submitted to IDOT for preliminary review. Village Staff is currently waiting for a response and any other comments that need to be addressed.